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About Us

Award winning team of real estate professionals, specializing in residential properties.
We bring you the perfect places to help you find home.

Our Mission

The Group is to become the leader in luxury real estate service. We have made it a part of our brand to continue to be at the forefront of technological advancement and digital media, specifically how luxury real estate is presented to a global syndicate of qualified enthusiasts. Through our groundbreaking in-house marketing agency, we captivate, inspire through storytelling and as a unified team, make the world dream. Whether it’s real estate, design or lifestyle, the Group is able to understand your vision, locate your site and make your dreams reality.

Who We Are

The group is a full service real estate brand, dedicated to providing those who demand more out of life, access to incredible investment opportunities, lifestyle planning and stylistic sophistication in creative refinement. Our promise is to uphold the highest quality in real estate services with an unwavering commitment to ensure our clientele’s dreams are fulfilled.

The Group is creative, trustworthy and innovative with access to an extensive real estate portfolio including single family residential, luxury estates and private villas all over the world.

Core Values

In the ever-changing world of real estate, the founder of the Group has centered his professional vision on three fundamental ideals; loyalty, integrity and expertise. Our team has been hand-selected to help reflect a creative vision of sophistication and experience of exceptional quality. Fundamentally we enlist these basic principles as the core foundation to maintaining integrity towards future development.

Fiduciary Duty

Always do the right thing


Inspire and help others to reach their goals


Relentless pursuit towards advancement, always seek self improvement


Be the change that is necessary, lead by example, never give up, no excuses

Be Present

Pay attention to the little things, enjoy the process and do it all with immeasurable passion


I am incredibly lucky to have spent my life growing up in the heart of Encinitas. I’m deeply appreciative for my parents working hard to raise their family in such a wonderful beach and surf community. The culture here has sharpened my creative intellect and introduced me to the many facets of life from a very young age. My interest in the artistic and creative life approach led me to the field of brand design. This has allowed me to be at the forefront of trends; empowering my passion to branch out into various interests, including my core business, The Group. The first local brokerage here in Leucadia with an in-house marketing agency. 


I was born in Ohio where my Mother and father owned a construction business, they sold and opened the first fine dining restaurant in Leucadia called “When In Rome…” when I was three years old. My parents recognized something very special about Encinitas and purchased a home in the Via Cantebria community and went on to invest in real estate as their love for the area grew. I attended St. Johns while they pioneered the fine dining industry. The restaurant was an instant success, I still meet customers at Open Houses and events that tell me how special When In Rome was to them. A true testament to the hard work and passion my parents poured into the legacy.


Being born into the family’s fine dining business, I grew up in the public eye and spent my days accommodating and mingling with all types of interesting locals. Working in the restaurant introduced me to people with diverse interests and cultures. My parents’ creative culinary talents and passion for gourmet food made the business a success, it also made me realize that I possessed the same creative talents, but not the same passion for food.


As the world turned, a group of advertising executives would frequent the establishment and as fate would have it, was introduced to digital media design, where I found my passion and creative outlet. It was obvious that advertising would give my life extraordinary approval from the community that influenced me, to which my later work belonged. So I moved to Portland to study under Mr. Moore’s team and the Weiden+Kennedy group while attending the Art Institute of Portland. Unfortunately what I wanted specifically out of school, was not something the curriculum could provide. 


So after art school I spent a summer in Sienna, I received a call from Mr. Harwood, an absolute legend in San Diego real estate, who would later become my mentor. He asked me what I was up to, I guess my parents had mentioned they were concerned about my career path not being in alignment with their own vision. A few weeks later, I was at Doug’s office in Rancho Santa Fe, assisting Doug while studying for the real estate exam. I learned more about life and real estate in those 2 years than I could’ve ever imagined. I am so appreciative of the knowledge, the principles and the all around greatness that Doug was so gracious to bestow upon me. I am forever indebted. 

My ambition and integrity have converged two dreams, allowing me to utilize my talents in both real estate and advertising. I have since started a business to elvate the way luxury homes are marketed to a global syndicate of qualified enthusiasts. I am so inspired and fueled by the amazing people in our community. This brand is a constant reminder of what is truly important and why I continue to work so hard. The Group will always be a representation of the highest quality in real estate.